Planning a road trip? Find out more about distance calculator and what kind of info it can provide you with

Welcome to Check-Distance. We provide driving distance calculator for US cities. So if you are planning a road trip adventure and need to know distance between cities of USA, you are at the right place.

What is Distance Calculator?

To find out how far is one city from another you can use distance calculator. It will allow you to see the mileage between cities in different units and a mapped route for the particular road.

How do I find the distance between two places?

  1. Go to the main page
  2. Enter your point of departure
  3. Type the point of arrival
  4. Press "Calculate" button
  5. will measure distance between the cities for you in miles and km, show the route on map, offer weather forecast for the destination city, show booking and rental options, present you with "Gas Calculation" tool.

How do you calculate driving time?

To calculate driving time you need to divide your total distance by average speed. Check-distance does that automatically, so you don't need to make any additional calculations.

What is Gas Calculator?

To find out how much money you will need to spend on the particular road trip you can you a "Gas calculation" tool. When you search for the distance between cities, you will be offered to calculate gas money. All you need is MPG, total distance and gas prices. Check it out when you make you next distance calculation.

What is the shortest distance across the US?

If you are driving a car then the shortest distance across USA from Atlantic ocean to Pacific is 2341 miles from Jacksonville to San Diego. Approximate time of driving will be at about 35 hours.

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